Emecole 102 Polyurethane Foam - 30' D-I-Y Crack Repair Kit

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Product Description

For the repair of typical wet and leaking cracks that pose no structural risk to the foundation. This kit comes with all the components necessary to complete the task, including our advanced Emecole 102 Premium Polyurethane Foam. When Emecole 102 Polyurethane Foam reacts with water, it expands up to 30 times its original size. This expansion seals out water and creates a dry, safe environment. For cracks that require structural repair, we recommend using our Emecole 121 Fast Curing Epoxy - 30' Structural Crack Repair Kit.

30 ft. Kit Components Include

* Three tube sets of Emecole 901 Surface Seal (dries in two to four hours) or upgrade to three tube sets of Emecole 322 Seal-n-Peel Surface Seal (dries in 15 - 30 minutes)
* Three tube sets Emecole 102 Premium Polyurethane Foam
* One syringe of Emecole 455 hole repair
* Four - 1/4" x 24 static mixing nozzles and 4 retaining nuts
* Six cross-over restrictors
* 50 surface ports and caps
* 10 corner ports
* Four hose assemblies
* Emecole "Black Gun" - D.I.Y. Manual Dispensing Tool
* Safety glasses
* Trowel & wire brush
* Five pairs of rubber gloves
* Safety glasses

Seal-n-Peel Upgrade: Emecole 322 Seal-n-Peel Surface Seal is easily removed from the foundation wall after the injection process, eliminating the chipping and grinding required to remove standard surface seal.

Kits include step-by-step instructional video and written instructions, product data sheets and MSDS information. Kit components are conveniently packaged in reusable tool boxes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review