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Zip Level Pro 2000

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Product Overview

Grate Products recommends all Project Managers use a Zip Level to determine where the lower spots are in the basement to determine proper sump location and also for spotting structural foundation problems. 

ZIPLEVEL® saves time and money - Imagine being able to go into the basement by yourself and measure the elevation of the floor within seconds to determine the sump location and if to identify any possible foundation structural problems. You will do things that none of your competitiors will do.  You will provide your customers with a more thorough plan of repair.

Unlike conventional optical and laser instruments, ZIPLEVEL® lets one person working alone set-up in seconds to level and read elevations directly in unmistakably clear digits with paper-thin precision to 0.005" (0.1mm) in its new High Precision range (0.05" (1mm) in Standard Precision range).  ZIPLEVEL operates without lasers, rods or tripods, without line-of-sight, error with distance, factory calibration or math. ZIPLEVEL adapts to you rather than making you use a rod and a sensor to work for it.  ZIPLEVEL is a fundamentally new way of measuring.  It works much like an aircraft altimeter yet it's 10,000 times more precise and completely immune from barometric pressure changes.  ZIPLEVELgoes beyond conventional leveling by instantly displaying level or elevation readings directly in unmistakably clear digits.
ZIPLEVEL® works the way you think . . .
To use, simply lay the Base Unit/Reel anywhere on the ground with no leveling necessary, press the Measurement Module's Zero key to create a level reference plane anywhere within the 40' (12m) vertical range (4' or 1.2m in High Precision range) and read differences above or below directly in digits.  There are no confusing numbers to read or subtract from a rod thereby reducing costs caused by lost time and reading/math errors.  It takes just one set-up for ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000B to cover a 150' (50m) circle while its built-in Carry Function allows measurements (differential leveling) over any distance or elevation on Earth without tedious tabulation, computation or loss of the original benchmark.  Whether selecting from one of seven scales or predicting the amount of soil import/export required for rugged terrain, ZIPLEVEL’s 16 powerful built-in functions and PC Port accelerate your work.  ZIPLEVEL is jobsite tough, water resistant and usable from -22F (-30C) to 158F (70C) for up to a year of daily use on an inexpensive 9V battery. 
ZIPLEVEL® is fast, powerful, proven, rugged, reliable, affordable and made in the U.S.A. with a two-year factory warranty*.
Cut costs, boost profits and join the measurement revolution.  Whether you're supplementing or replacing a laser, you can't afford to be without ZIPLEVEL®.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review