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FastDrain System

Product Specs and Installation Guidelines


FastDrain TM was designed with the small contractor or DIY homeowner in mind. It comes 60 linear ft per box (10 x 6 ft pieces) FastDrain has many accessories (see FastDrain Fittings) It was designed to be fast and easy to install and fast collecting ground water and directing it to the FastSump TM.

FastDrain is an engineered sub floor base-ment drainage system used to channel ground water to a collection system (FastSump) where it can be pumped away. FastDrain is designed so that its punched holes on both sides collect ground water. It has many engineered fittings with ports for the ability to maintain the system.


Installation Guidelines

Break out or saw cut concrete slab 6"out past the edge of the footer. (If working with no footer we recommend coming further in from the foundation wall normal construction practice should be exercised to ensure that your drain does not cause erosion of the soil under the foundation) It is recommended to install the FastDrain in front of the footer, placing the bottom of the FastDrain about 1 to 2" below the top of the footer. This is the only way you can effectively drain the water from under the basement floor and warranty the whole floor.
If installed on top of the footer, it is important that there is communication between the under slab (stone or soil) to the drain. In other words, make sure the water under the basement floor can get into the FastDrain. It is not recommended to place the FastDrain on the footer if there is evidence of floor cracks and water leaking up from these cracks unless of course that the footer is way below the floor.


The FastDrain should be joined together using FastDrain Couplings.  Use FastDrain Corners and Drain Outlets to connect the FastDrain to the FastSump. The FastDrain should be slightly pitched toward the FastSump at a rate of 1/4" per 15 feet. One inch per 60 feet.