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Product Specs and Installation Guidelines

The Grate Trench™ serves a wide range of applications and can adjust to any length. It was designed for basement floor water and leaks and protects from water coming through bulkhead doors. The Grate Trench™ solves bulkhead water problems by collect-ing surface water before it enters the basement. It's cantilever valve system opens and closes automatically to deliver basement floor water to the Grate Drain system. When not in use, the valve is air tight, sealed to prevent odors, moisture, and water form seeping back on the floor.
GrateTrench can be connected to any sub-floor drainage system or sump-liner.

GrateTrench Features

  • Ideal for bulkheads, sliding doors, & exterior doorways
  • Can be used around hot water tanks & overflow water pipes
  • Easily assembled (pre-sloped)
  • No stagnant water smells
  • Closed system - air resistant valve
  • Optional 1ft. kits are available to extend 4ft. kits to any length
  • Pre sloped trench 
  • Air resistant valve Lets water drain when needed
  • Versatile Adjust to any length
  • Thinner design Fits on top of footing if needed

GrateTrench Specifications

Length   -  4ft
Width     -  3”
Height   -   3.5”

Material - Rigid PVC