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Have peace-of-mind knowing that your sump pump system is ready to operate when you really need it. The iBasementTM is your "Service Technician in-a-box" constantly monitoring and checking your sump pump system. iBasement's proactive approach can help avoid damaging and costly situations.



High Water Detection & Alert 

Sump Pump(s) Control Override 

Sump Pump System Self-Diagnostic

Battery Backup Status

Wi-Fi Connected LAN Platform

Email & Text Alerts


The iBasement Story (Design, Experience, &  Technology)

Steve Andras (Grate Products CEO) created and manufactured a series of products specifically designed for the basement and crawl space industry. For nearly 20 years, Grate Products LLC continues to provide dependable and reliable solutions through its engineered patented products that are widely used by many contractors throughout the United States and Canada. Steve invented the GrateDrainTM System along with related products to produce a high performance and reliable full perimeter below-grade basement / crawl space drainage system. Steve currently holds multiple patents for products that help provide solutions for protecting against the intrusion water and moisture in basement and crawl spaces.

Steve did not stop there with his vision and innovation. Steve’s ultimate goal was to fully automate the GrateDrain System in order to provide a proactive capability that would sense problems before they would occur and to take action while maintaining peace-of-mind for customers until service could be rendered.

Steve invented the iBasementTM System Advanced Pump Controller. The iBasement was designed with an attitude of constant engineering improvement with five generations to date. The iBasement was fundamentally developed from the ground up with a complete understanding of the design. (Firmware, Hardware, and Software). Steve sourced a design team with over 50 years of experience in design and control in mixed-signal interface with a unique blend of formal and practical education.

The iBasement Technology was first to market for recognizing IOT technology.

Steve and his team had one of the first successful products of this kind in the market in the world recognizing the potential of IOT market before it became an industry standard. Because of the experience with micro control, Steve and his team are able to get the most out of our design which results in high-performance, high-cost savings, and with minimal product delays. The iBasementTM System (Patent Pending) is becoming a household device branded as the most comprehensive solution for protecting homeowners against basement and or crawl space disasters. 


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