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Grate Trench™ (2) 1 ft Kits

Grate Products

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Product Overview

Grate Trench™ (2) 1ft Kits (SKU#GT1KITX2):

Each Box Contains (2) 1ft. Grate Trench™ Kits.

By reducing the chances of water and moisture getting into your home, you avoid mold and mildew, rotting wood, foul odors, and the potential structural weakening that comes with them.

Ideal for Floor Situations:

Hot water tanks.
Air Conditioners.
Well Tanks.

Has a antimicrobial additive.

Grate Trench™1ft. Kits (SKU#GT1KITX2) can be used to extend 4ft. Kits to any length: (See Grate Trench™ 4ft Kits SKU#GT4KITX1).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review