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Power Cord 50 ft- 10/3 (Yellow)

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Product Overview

Continuous Ground Monitoring (CGM) 50 ft Extension Cord 10/3
➢ This Cord has the latest safety features that high profile job sites require.
➢ Female connector has a green neon check light that lets you know the cord is properly grounded.
➢ Male plug has an amber neon check light so you know there is power at the outlet.
➢ Molded- on connectors are heavy duty, weatherproof, water resistant and unbreakable.
➢ Made with -40 cold weather compound for jacket flexibility in temperatures below freezing.
➢ We use a water resistant jacket and insulation for added protection against moisture.
➢ Meets OSHA requirements (UL) Listed
To keep your cords from getting stolen - is printed every 6 inches on the cord.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review